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We believe that theater and circus are places where the individual can compare him/herself with the extravagant possibilities of human expression and feel involved. In this absence of time, the clown becomes a bridge between dimensions, he/she possesses the power to restore contact with the invisible world and the duty to suggest to the spectator that one can laugh at oneself, one can cry, can hope, can feel alone, and is authorized to make mistakes. 

We consider the clown not as a point of arrival but a journey through the relationship with ourselves and with others: an instrument that clarifies the coexistence of the inner world and the external world in the dimension that we commonly call reality.

The artistic path we share has developed through experience in circus, street theater, and in theater halls. For about fifteen years, we have presented our shows at the main international street theater festivals, receiving both national and international awards. 

Over the years, we have been conducting parallel investigations, both in our personal work and in that shared with other companies, of the human being as a living system that relates to its group of belonging. 

The topics that we have treated in our artistic trajectory before we all met constitute a path through the adaptation to which a human being is obliged to undergo in order to survive within the group. In previous works the themes of the relationship between personal life and society (“Io Stono” /I clash), homosexuality ("Amami"/Love me), the limits of education in our Western culture ("Melafilo"), the possibility of losing everything in an instant ("Cortina"), the relationship between imposed rules and disobedience ("R4 escape for freedom"), and the migration of peoples ("Terça Feira”).


                    Our skin is the limit of our body, loneliness is the limit of our emotions.

Oasi is the first project of the company Malakoff (Luca Bellezze and Michele Fois) and is a clown show staged as a frontal representation in both closed and open spaces.

The work originates from the common interest of investigating the dimension of human solitude through the eyes of the clown.

The application of the Real Time Composition methodology to the world of clowns is extremely interesting for us both from the point of view of improvisation and dramaturgy.



The solitude that interests us is that which belongs to human beings already at the moment of their first breath. The same solitude that pushes them towards the group and in which they takes refuge, fleeing from sociality.

The emotional investigation that we intend to develop is articulated through a comparison with comfort, annoyance, complicity, and laughter

The comic approach to the work is of fundamental importance to be able to lead the viewer on an emotional journey that varies from beginning to end.

Comedy increases the ability to address topics, relationships, and situations on a personal level, making light of what we believe to be heavy and public what we consider private. 

Stylistically we are attracted to the details and the small things with which we can create our universe. The decadence, the slowdown, the variation, the surreal, and listening are tools that we use in our works and that we further in this project.

/ Methodology

In the Oasis project we use the Real Time Composition, methodology conceived and developed since the late 1990s by the Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro.

Our starting point in the creation phase is the translation onto the stage of a personal restlessness. Restlessness is the state of being in which we recognize the artistic need with which to compare ourselves with the outside world. It is a very clear emotional starting point that avoids confusion at the moment of the first meeting on stage to begin the creation.

Among the infinite possibilities of work, we define the starting point which becomes a common plan. An approach of this type clarifies the direction of the work.

The work is therefore easily readable and is created and performed in an honest manner in relation to the audience.

Oasis has the objective of reprocess known images to offer the viewer a different starting point.

/ Language

The surrealistic proposal develops through live music, clownery, illusionism, and the manipulation of objects. 

The sound dimension is also an important aspect of our work and is experienced as a manifestation of our playing and emotional state. The composition of the live sound explores different dimensions: conventional musical instruments, such as the diatonic accordion, or sounds produced by concrete objects or our own bodies. Our acoustic research involves developing an evocative language aimed at clarifying and not describing scenic images.

The application of surrealism as a comic breaking point is a strong guideline in the discovery of associations that go beyond the known reality. Our clownish essences, which by definition include many possible dimensions, use surrealism as an instrument of normality and not as an abstract and incomprehensible forcing.

/ team

Concept, direction and representation: Luca Bellezze e Michele Fois 

Critical eye and creation support: João Fiadeiro    

Sound environment: Simone Bottasso  

Technical director: Eric Tarantola

Costume: Colomba Ferraris 

Set: Stefano e Simone Brazzale   

Video Maker: Stella Iannitto

Administration: Tangi Jehanno - SmartFr


                        Project selected to represent Italy on the European platform Circus Next 2017/2019  


Realized with the support of

ALDES/SPAM! (Porcari - Italie)

Atelier RE.AL (Lisbon - Portugal)

C.L.A.P.Spettacolo dal vivo (Brescia - Italy)

Fondazione Cirko Vertigo  (Turin - Italy)

Heimland Festival (Diepenheim - Netherlands)

Lez’arts collectif (Montelimar (26) - France)

Le Tapis Vert (Lalacelle (61) - France)

Werkplaats (Diepenheim - Netherlands)

La Cascade PNC Ardèche Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes (Bourg-Saint-Andéol (07) - France)




May/June definition and writing - Imola (IT)


3/6 August research in street environment - Festival Kulturufer (D)


6/13 September residence of creation - Lez’art Collectif, Montelimar (26) (FR)


15/30 November residence of creation - Teatro Perempruner, Foundation Cirko Vertigo, Grugliasco (IT)


30 November final residence presentation - Teatro Perempruner, Foundation Cirko Vertigo, Grugliasco (IT)


8/15 December  residence of creation - Lez’arts Collectif, Montelimar (26) (FR)






26 January / 3 February residence of creation - Lez’arts Collectif, Montelimar (26) (FR)


25 February / 4 March residence of creation and presentation - ALDES/SPAM!, Porcari (IT)


9 March / 19 March residence of creation and presentation - Werkplaats, Diepenheim (NL)


22 April /5 May residence of creation and presentation - Werkplaats, Diepenheim (NL)


11 May studio presentation - Festival Paysages, La Berthenoux (36) (FR)


May/June residence of creation and presentation with João Fiadeiro, Atelier RE.AL, Lisbon (PT) - d.t.b.conf.


June sound work with Simone Bottasso - dates and spaces to be confirmed


July/August residence of creation - Foundation Cirko Vertigo, Vicoforte (IT) - dates to be confirmed


October residence of creation with João Fiadeiro and final residence presentation, Atelier RE.AL, Lisbon (PT) - d.t.b.conf.


October / November residence of creation and presentation - Le Tapis Vert, Lalacelle (61) (FR) – dates to be confirmed


November residence of creation and presentation - Werkplaats, Diepenheim (NL) – dates to be confirmed

November / Dicember residence of creation and presentation - C.L.A.P.Spettacolo dal vivo, Brescia (IT) – d.t.b.conf.


December studio presentation - Foundation Cirko Vertigo - Caffè Muller, Turin (IT) - dates to be confirmed





Technical residences (sound and light) and Premiere research

July  early booking  - Heimland Festival, Diepenheim (NL)


September  early booking - Sbocciart Festival, Cardano al Campo (IT)

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